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What is a Turbo Timer ?

When you run a turbocharged motor, the turbo gets hot and needs a lot of cooling and in comes the turbo timer. A turbo timer is basically a device that allows your car to continue idling for a certain amount of time after the ignition has been switched off and key removed.

Why Use a Turbo Timer?

As already mentioned, Turbocharger shafts can spin at incredible rates which obviously generate an enormous amount of heat. To aide in cooling and controlling the heat generated by the shaft, oil is circulated around the shaft. After driving your car, and especially after hard driving, it is recommended that your car be idled for a period of time to allow the oil to take the heat out of the turbocharger. Read the rest of this entry »

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How you can make your turbo make that ‘flutter’ sound?

Ever wondered why or how you can make your turbo make that ‘flutter’ sound? It sounds great doesn’t it?

The only problem is that this flutter is extremely unhealthy for your turbo. The flutter is caused when the throttle is shut and air caught betweent the free-spinning turbo and the closed throttle (when you have no vent ie blow-off valve).

The consequent back pressure forces the air back through the turbine blades. The more technical term for this is ‘cavitation’, which places enormous loads on the turbo and can or more than likely WILL lead to premature wear of the turbo bearings and other load-bearing components. Read the rest of this entry »

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The ideal placement for AFM (Air Flow Meter)

The AFM (Air Flow Meter also known as a MAF Sensor) may cause a few problems if it is placed too close to your turbo. But this is also related to how much boost you are running and what your BOV(Blow Off Valve) is rated to handle with regards to boost levels.If your BOV is unable to vent/release the back pressure caused from deceleration, then the turbo will be forced to turn back to allow the air to escape. When this happens, turbulence is created infront of the turbo and when the AFM is extremely close to the turbo, incorrect measures maybe made by the AFM. However this would only really be for a split second. Read the rest of this entry »

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