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Modified Suzuki Swift (MK4) with Turbo

A modified Suzuki Swift (MK4) Turbo running on –

Turbine IHI RHF4
KD Air Filter + custom heatshield
DASTEK Unichip Type Q piggyback + Turbo Module
External Wastegate
Oil Cooler + Bracket
Custom Manifold + Extractor
Custom Piping
Extra Injector
HKS SSQV Blowoff
HKS + Samco Silicone Hoses
HKS Hi-Power Muffler
HKS DB Boost Meter
Apex’i Turbo Timer
PIVOT Raizin Volt Stabilizer
Suzuki Sport Low Temperature Thermostat

Modified Suzuki Swift MK4 Turbo with Intercooler

Modified Suzuki Swift MK4 Turbo with Intercooler

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