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Toyota A series’ engines

Toyota A series’ engines

1978-1979 – 1.5 L (1452 cc) 1A
1979-1986 – 1.3 L (1295 cc) 2A
1979-1988 – 1.5 L (1452 cc) 3A
1980-1998 – 1.6 L (1587 cc) 4A
1987-1998 – 1.5 L (1498 cc) 5A
1989-1992 – 1.4 L (1397 cc) 6A
1993-1998 – 1.8 L (1762 cc) 7A

Different specs of Toyota 4A series’ engines

4A = 1600cc 4th generation A series (see Corona AT151)
4A-F = with 16 valve (in Corolla AE92/SE Limited), twin cam single gear
4A-FE = with 16 valve and EFI (in Corolla AE101 and AE111)
4A-GE = with 16 valve and DOHC, double gear (first seen in AE86 and AW10MR-2)
4A-GEA = DOHC and EFI but with 20 valve and 4 throttle body
4A-GZE = DOHC, EFI and 16V, supercharged

The Toyota AE111 and Toyota AE101 which uses the 4AFE engine has many different tunings depending on which year it was produced. For AE101, year 92 to 95, it omes with 105PS to 109PS at 5600RPM, which the ECU is tuned without the presence of a cat converter. Read the rest of this entry »


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